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The Superwoman Project teaches you not only your way around the gym and how to eat for your goals but how to show up every day as the BOSS woman you have always wanted to be. This is more than a program to change only your physique. When you finish this guide you will not only have a smoking hot bod but the mentality switch to bring you a lifetime of success.

What’s included:

  • Talk on manifesting your biggest goals.
  • Intense AF workouts and explanation on how to customize your split, train until failure, hit PR’s in the gym,
  • Total nutrition breakdown. Configuration to help you find your daily intake based on your goals, in-depth explanation of macros, how to properly track your food, tackling alcohol and eating out.
  • How much cardio you should REALLY be doing/breaking down NEAT and energy expenditure importance.
  • And more!!!

Who is The Superwoman Project for:

  • Beginners/Intermediate/Advanced levels are all welcome. Even though this is the 1.0 version does not mean this is “just the basics” everyone can go at their own pace but you will be pushed like never before.
  • Those ready to take training to the next level. I can promise you this training will kick your booty in the best way possible.
  • Those looking to learn about macros or understand on a deeper level where there should be in order to achieve their goals.
  • Wanting guidance but not quite wanting a coach
  • Financially not in a position for 1-1 coaching but eager to learn and change.
  • Looking for a support group of empowering women to help push you to be the best version of you daily.
  • New trainers seeking more knowledge on how to properly customize nutrition, workout, and cardio split for clients and become the best coach possible.
  • But most of all The Superwoman Project is for badass women that know they are destined for more and ready to create the best version of them.