Online Coaching


-24/7 access for communication via whatsapp.

-Weekly check ins accessing your progress photos, body stats, and detailed questions about your week involving your mental health/sleep/digestion to help guide you to creating a happier healthier life in ALL aspects.

-Voice memo responses from your coaches. You are not receiving some generic “great week” we are here to walk you through your week and help you to improve and educate you.


-Metanoia Strong coach client only group chat access for a more one on one community. Full of love, support, and friendship of likeminded people on a mission to get better.

-Metanoia Strong Facebook Group access for even more informative content, support, giveaways, and lives!


-Customized workout programming. 3-6 day muscle group splits designed around your schedule, lifestyle, equipment available and your goals. Video form demos of your coach preforming the movement and detailed notes on EVERY exercise.

-Training assessment videos for help on all form adjustment


-Education on HIIT, LISS, NEAT, and


-Customized nutrition coaching. *adjustments as needed*

-Education of how to track macros, use MyFitnessPal, and all dietary related questions.

-Meal plans helped designed by our Metanoia Strong team RD for those with severe dietary needs!


-Metanoia Strong Guidebook. Questions on alcohol, eating out, refeeds/cheat meals, fiber, sleep, the best gym gear, and more all answered here!

-Your own client profile within our TEAM APP to monitor your progress through graphs and charts so you can easily track your progress and see the awesome results you are getting.

-Flexible payment plans and package options

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